Photo of the Day: Celestial Empire 'does not discriminate'

Illustration shows CCP cop putting his knee on necks of Hongkongers, minorities, religious groups

"Celestial Empire 'Does not Discriminate.'"(Qianci Illustration)

"Celestial Empire 'Does not Discriminate.'"(Qianci Illustration)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Inspired by the recent outrage in the U.S. over the killing of the African American man George Floyd, a Chinese artist created this illustration portraying a police officer putting his knees on the necks of China's ethnic minorities, religious groups, and Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters.

Chinese artist Qianci (Twitter account @Cian_Ci) told Taiwan News that he created the illustration on June 1 in response to the uproar over the death of Floyd, which occurred after a police officer dug his knee into his neck for nearly nine minutes on May 25. Qianci asserted that the racial discrimination case in the U.S. "pales in comparison to the human rights violations perpetrated on a daily basis in communist China."

In the illustration, a police officer with tactical pants similar to those worn by Hong Kong police can be seen plowing his knees onto the necks of a Christian, a protester seeking justice, a Falungong practitioner, a Uighur, a pro-democracy Hong Kong protester, a Tibetan, and a protester calling for freedom of speech. The police officer's arms are painted crimson red to match the colors of the Chinese flag, and a tattoo of the hammer and sickle is etched on his left forearm.

The cop is holding a bloody baton in his left hand while grabbing a gun with his right hand. The main caption on the illustration reads "Celestial Empire 'does not discriminate,'" with the implication that the current regime in Beijing believes itself to have the "Mandate of Heaven" and that it oppresses all groups equally.

Among the symbols held by the oppressed people in the cartoon are a Christian cross, an East Turkestan flag, and a Tibetan flag. Others hold signs with the slogans "Injustice, "Falungong is great," "Free Hong Kong, Revolution Now," and "Freedom of Speech."

"Celestial Empire 'does not discriminate.'"(Qianci Illustration)