Taiwan's CSD now selling plethora of colorful masks

Taiwanese company offering rainbow of colors for face masks

(Facebook, CSD photo)

(Facebook, CSD photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As the ban on the sale of face masks was lifted on Monday (June 1), Taiwanese mask brand China Surgical Dressings Center Co., Ltd (CSD) announced that it would begin selling a myriad of brightly colored masks that day.

The Changhua-based company on Monday on its Facebook page announced it will be offering the surgical face masks in a huge variety of colors and patterns in a box of 50 for the price of NT$300 (US$10). This breaks down to a still reasonably affordable price of NT$6 per mask, just one Taiwan dollar more than the government-provided masks, and cheaper than the average price NT$7 per mask seen before the pandemic.

The company said that its "cool black" and "sky blue" masks will be available this week. Other colors will gradually become available in the coming weeks.

(Facebook, CSD photo)

CSD produces about 700,000 to 750,000 masks per day, 45 percent of which are procured by the government, while the rest are sold to the public. The company said that as production went online to meet the increased demand, the raw materials for making the masks were increased by 118 percent in April and 160 percent in May.

The masks can be purchased in the following brick and mortar stores: Watsons, Cosmed, and medFirst. They can also be purchased online at Momo, PChome, Books.com.tw, Yahoo, and Tien Chiao Shih.

(CSD photo)

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(Facebook, CSD photo)

"Lacy mask." (CSD website photo)