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Pokémon donuts go on sale in Taiwan today

Pikachu and Poké Ball donuts now available at Mister Donut in Taiwan

(Mister Donut image)

(Mister Donut image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — To lure avid Taiwanese Pokémon trainers, Taiwan branches of Mister Donut on Tuesday (June 2) began featuring Pokémon-shaped donuts.

After images of Poké​​​​​​​mon-shaped donuts in Japan went viral in Taiwan, fans of the cuddly creatures can now buy their own Poké​​​​​​​mon-themed donuts and drinks. In addition to the Mister Donut shops found nationwide, fans can buy them at 200 7-Eleven stores as well starting on Tuesday, reported Bella.

The special edition donuts come in three shapes: Pikachu head, Poké​​​​​​​ Ball, and Pikachu tail. Sticking with the Japanese theme, the red part of the Poke Ball has a Fuji apple flavor, while the white part has a sweet-and-sour chocolate yogurt flavor.

Pokémon donuts go on sale in Taiwan today
Poke Ball (left), complete assortment (right). (Mister Donut photos)

In keeping with the Taiwanese penchant for all things "Q" (springy), the Poké​​​​​​​ Balls are crispy on the outside, with a chewy interior. As for the Pikachu heads, they have a lemon-chocolate flavor, and the inside consists of a rich honey cream filling.

The Pikachu tails are so named because the tail of the creature appears to protrude from the center. Inside is a honey custard filling.

In addition, there are four limited-edition lemon-flavored donuts made from high-quality lemons grown in Pingtung. Trainers can wash their Pikachu donuts down with two choices of mango-flavored drinks.

Pokémon donuts go on sale in Taiwan today
Pikachu tail, (left), Pikachu head (right). (Mister Donut photos)

The donuts also come with a variety of Pokémon packaging that trainers can add to their collections.

Pokémon donuts go on sale in Taiwan today
(Mister Donut photos)

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