Woman released from prison after adultery ruled unconstitutional in Taiwan

Huang among several jailed for adultery set free on May 29

(Chiayi Prison photo)

(Chiayi Prison photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A woman surnamed Huang, who had been in jail for adultery, was released from prison on the evening of May 29, the same day that classifying adultery as a criminal offense was ruled unconstitutional by Taiwan's Constitutional Court.

Huang was among several people jailed for adultery who were set free the same evening, CNA reported.

Carrying her bags, Huang walked out of the door of Chiayi Prison's Lucao branch, where she had been incarcerated for three months. At first, she thought that she was being allowed to leave because someone had posted her bail.

When she realized that adultery was no longer a crime, she said, "Did I serve three months in prison for nothing?”

Chiayi Prison said that they received a notice from the Chiayi Prosecutors Office on May 29 requesting the immediate release of Huang.

According to the Chiayi Prosecutors Office, Huang, 38, was accused of having sex with a married man several times in the summer of 2018. The affair was discovered by the man's wife, who then filed a lawsuit against her rival in love.

Huang was later sentenced to six months in prison for adultery.