Taiwan now allows self-paid coronavirus testing

Even people not traveling overseas can sign up for test


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) on Friday (May 29) announced the relaxation of coronavirus (COVID-19) testing rules that will practically cover anyone with such needs.

According to CECC, those meeting the following criteria will be eligible to apply for a test and acquire a health certificate. These include quarantined people obliged to visit relatives by blood for emergencies or arrange funeral affairs, individuals that need to travel overseas for emergencies or study, those who require relevant certification for employment, foreigners departing Taiwan, spouses of eligible individuals, and others.

Residents are restricted to one test every three months for oversea traveling purposes. The number of designated hospitals providing COVID-19 testing has also been increased from 18 to 37, for better service and efficiency.

According to CECC, the cost of a self-paid test ranges from NT$4,000 (US$133) to NT$10,000, depending on nationality and the medical institute that conducts the procedure.

Experts sitting on the pandemic task force have reiterated that mass testing is unnecessary and impractical for Taiwan, in response to calls for such measures to be adopted, emulating countries like South Korea and Germany. Ensuring high accuracy coronavirus tests and tracing contacts of confirmed cases is key to Taiwan’s success in controlling the disease, said CECC.