Taiwan's Presidential Office nominates new Examination Yuan members

Examination Yuan nominees include the president, vice president, and nine ministers without portfolio

Huang Rong-cun and Chou Hung-hsien 

Huang Rong-cun and Chou Hung-hsien  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan's Presidential Office nominated on Friday (May 29) its new candidates for the Examination Yuan, the government agency in charge of qualifications for public servants in the country.

Nominees include the president, vice president, and nine ministers without portfolio. The term of the current Examination Yuan members will end Aug. 31.

The new Examination Yuan president nominee is former Minister for Education, Huang Rong-cun (黃榮村). The vice president nominee is current Minister of Civil Service, Chou Hung-hsien (周弘憲).

According to Chen Chien-Jen (陳建仁), Taiwan's former vice president, more than half of the 11 nominees have devised questions and graded national exams. Five have led or managed various Taiwanese universities.

Compared to the traditional checks and balances of a democracy between the executive, legislative, and judicial powers, in Taiwan the Examination Yuan and Control Yuan have the power to hire and impeach public servants.

In 2019, the country's legislature amended the laws and reduced the number of Examination Yuan ministers without portfolio from 19 to between seven and nine. The tenure of the president and vice president was also shortened to four years.

Chuo stated the Examination Yuan was established based on Taiwan's constitution, but he would respect mainstream opinion and the legislature's future decision on whether it should continue to exist.

List of nominees of the Examination Yuan

  • President: Huang Rong-cun (黃榮村)
  • Vice President: Chou Hung-hsien (周弘憲)
  • Minister without Portfolio: Wu Hsin-hsing (吳新興)
  • Chen Chin-seng (陳錦生)
  • Yang Ya-hui (楊雅惠)
  • He Yi-cheng (何怡澄)
  • Yao Li-de (姚立德)
  • Wang Hsiu-hung (王秀紅)
  • Chou Lien-hsiang (周蓮香)
  • Iwan Nawi (伊萬・納威)
  • Chen Ci-yang (陳慈陽)