Visit culturally rich Qingshui in C. Taiwan

Plenty of places to see, things to do in lovely Qingshui

Zhao Family Ancestral Residence (Taichung City Government photo) 

Zhao Family Ancestral Residence (Taichung City Government photo) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taichung City Government strongly recommends Qingshui (清水), a culturally rich district, as a day-trip destination for those looking for a little relaxation.

According to a report published on Taichung Travel Net on Wednesday (May 27), visitors are recommend to take Taichung Bus No. 111 on weekdays to the Qingshui Ghost Cave (清水鬼洞), which is currently closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, visitors are recommended to take a walk along the outside of the cave, which was a wartime tunnel built during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan.

From there, they can walk to the nearby Aofong Mountain scenic lookout (鰲峰山觀景平台) to enjoy the scenery of the Taichung coastline.

Following that, it's just an eight minutes walk to the Zi Yun Yan temple (紫雲巖), Qingshui's religious center and an architecturally notable building.

The report recommends visitors board the No. 111 bus once again and get off at Qingshui Senior High School for delicious snacks at the local market.

After lunch, hop back on the No. 111 bus and disembark at the Seaport Art Center (港區藝術中心) for a visit to the Qingshui Art Village (清水眷村文化園區).

Bus No. 111 operates only on weekends. Visitors are encouraged to take the No. 688 and No. 178 buses to visit Qingshui on weekends and holidays.

Within Qingshui, there are also many iBike rental stations where visitors can rent a public bike to tour around the district.

A related report on Taichung Travel Net recommends visitors start off from Qingshui Train Station in the evening and ride a bike to the Wufuzhen Bicycle Trail (五福圳自行車道) to enjoy the peaceful countryside scenery, chase passing trains, and admire the lotus in front of the century-old Zhao Family Ancestral Residence (趙家古厝) in the summer.

Zi Yun Yan

Qingshui Art Village (Taichung City Government photos)