Hong Kong student opposes demand for Taiwan to lower immigration bar

Student urges Hong Kong citizens not to treat Taiwan as backup, stresses Taiwanese freedom top priority

Hongkongers protest against Beijing's introduction of new national security law. 

Hongkongers protest against Beijing's introduction of new national security law.  (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As more Hongkongers seek asylum in Taiwan due to Beijing's growing control in the special administrative region, a Hong Kong student has decided to explain on social media why the Taiwanese government should not take in the refugees.

Following Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai's (黎智英) controversial request for Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) to liberalize immigration requirements for his fellow citizens, supporters from both sides have engaged in heated online debates over the merits of the demand. Some Taiwanese have questioned Hongkongers' "sense of entitlement," while others have urged the Tsai administration to establish a refugee program.

Sharing her thoughts Tuesday (May 26) on the popular social networking platform Dcard, a Hong Kong student from Queen's University Belfast said that she enjoys Taiwan's hospitality but has no desire to immigrate due to career considerations. She added that she personally opposes the idea of Taiwan setting up an asylum system, emphasizing that Hongkongers should not treat the island country as their backup plan.

The student argued that a nation has to have strict policies for its foreign immigrants and that the people of Hong Kong should not take Taiwan's help for granted. Describing Beijing's introduction of the new national security law as the end of Hong Kong, she expressed hope that Hongkongers would prioritize Taiwan's freedom and democracy and prevent it from falling victim to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), reported ETtoday.

Since it was published, the post has attracted great attention from Taiwanese internet users. Some have pointed out that "Taiwan is not ideal for immigration because it is also under the threat of the CCP" while others have provided encouragement to Hongkongers and promised to pray for their safety, reported UDN.