Taiwanese Eslite Gallery relocates after decades in Taipei

First exhibition at new location sells limited edition face masks

(Eslite Gallery photo)

(Eslite Gallery photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan's Eslite Gallery opened its new location in Taipei with a contemporary art exhibition titled "Artivate" last Saturday (May 23).

One of Taiwan's most prestigious galleries, Eslite issued a press release to announce its reopening after relocating to the Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store near the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (SCCP).

The previous gallery in Xinyi was founded 31 years ago by Taiwanese entrepreneur Wu Ching-Yo (吳清友), who died in 2017 at the age of 66, and reopened in its new home with an exhibition featuring 12 modern artists from Asia.

According to a Facebook post, the staff prefer the new location: "We are close to a beautiful Baroque-style garden and a movie theater in SCCP."

Tsong Pu (right) and Taiwanese artist Kuo Yen-fu (郭彥甫) in front of Pu's work (Taiwan News photo)

The new exhibition features famed contemporary artists, including Tsong Pu (莊普), whose works were presented by Taiwanese avant-garde fashion brand JUST IN XX (周裕穎) in New York this year.

Taiwanese artist Michael Lin's (林明弘) nostalgic painting of an old carton of cigarettes highlights the exhibition's connection to its space: SCCP, the site of a tobacco factory until 1998, is right where the brand depicted in the painting was produced.

Work by Michael Lin (Taiwan News photo)

The gallery took the extra step of reproducing some of the artworks being exhibited on limited edition face masks. During the opening party, works by Japanese artist Hiroyuki Matsuura (松浦浩之) and Taiwanese artist Benrei Huang (黃本蕊) quickly sold out.

The exhibition will run through June 14.

(Taiwan News photo)

Work by Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy (幾米) (Taiwan News photo)