Taiwan's Ministry of Culture begins trial period for post-pandemic performances

Sunday's National Symphony Orchestra performance the first indoor concert in two months

(NTCH photo)

(NTCH photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Ministry of Culture has announced the conditions for Taiwan's full resumption of performances after the first indoor concert in two months was held last Sunday (May 24).

The ministry said in a press release last week that since the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic has subsided in Taiwan, the ban on art and cultural events will be gradually lifted. On Sunday, the nation's first indoor concert since social distancing guidelines were introduced was held by the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) at the National Concert Hall for an audience of more than 100.

Newly appointed Minister of Culture Li Yong-de (李永得), who attended the performance, stated that the MOC has received permission from the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) for a two-week trial period in which it will resume public cultural events, according to the report.

Lee pointed out that daily life in the country is returning to normal little by little after the suspension of performances and other social activities for two months. "This was an important step and a message to the world," CNA cited him as saying.

He said that during the trial period, attendees need to follow current social distancing guidelines, which include wearing masks and having one's temperature checked before entering a venue. "We have to ensure the safety of all performers and the audience for a better future," said Lee.

As for the full opening of performances, exhibitions, and other events, Lee said this depends on the success of the trial period as well as the course of the pandemic on the island and worldwide.

Updated : 2021-01-26 00:57 GMT+08:00