Nature and history collide on scenic central Taiwan bikeway

Tanyashen Green Bikeway built along old military route leads to slides, fountains, and family fun for all

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Tanyashen Green Bikeway, a popular bike path in Taichung stretching 12 kilometers to connect Tanzi, Daya, and Shengang districts, is perfect for anyone wishing to burn calories and boost their immune system along a scenic route.

The flat bikeway, built along the old Shengang military railway, starts from Tanzi District's Zhongshan Road, traverses Shengang District, and ends at the Zhongke Park in Daya District, according to Taichung Travel Net,

Taichung Tourism and Travel Bureau Director Lin Hsiao-chi (林筱淇) said that the 16-year-old bikeway is full of pleasing greenery and that there are many spots for cyclists to stop and rest or take photos, including S-shaped curves, the Paper Museum, Zhaixing Villa (摘星山莊), Xiaoyun Villa (筱雲山莊), and Taichung Metropolitan Park. In the plaza at the end of the bikeway are three 22-meter terrazzo slides, sandpits, and a number of fountains, making it ideal for family outings.

Several bike rental shops can be found scattered along the trail.

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Zhaixing Villa (Taichung City Government photos)

Xiaoyun Villa (Wikipedia photo)

Xiaoyun Villa (Taichung City Government photo)

Zhongke Park (Taichung City Government photo)