Japan’s Tsutaya Bookstore opens in Taiwan's Kaohsiung

It is Tsutaya's sixth Taiwan store, company has been expanding presence around world

Tsutaya Bookstore in Kaohsiung (Facebook, Tsutaya Bookstore Taiwan photo)

Tsutaya Bookstore in Kaohsiung (Facebook, Tsutaya Bookstore Taiwan photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Famed Japanese franchise Tsutaya Bookstore opened a branch in the port city of Kaohsiung on Thursday (May 21), the sixth in Taiwan.

The new, 1,124 square meter store is located at Talees Department Store on Wufu 3rd Road in the southern city of Taiwan. It is being billed as a new Instagrammable hot spot, according to CNA.

Celebrated as one of the 20 most beautiful bookstores in the world, Tsutaya has been expanding its presence overseas. It opened its first branch in Taiwan in 2017, with four other branches in Taipei and one in Taichung.

The Talees branch features red brick walls that reflect the port city’s characteristics, while bookshelves and lighting are designed in Japanese style, according to Hashimoto Akutagawa, General Manager of Tsutaya Bookstore in Taiwan. The multi-purpose bookshop boasts a prominent collection of Chinese-language books, and a variety of products from Japanese brands.

The bookshop will ensure rigorous disease control is practiced at a time when the coronavirus pandemic is driving people away from public places, said Jean Tsang-jiunn (簡滄圳), chairman of Ruentex Development Co. Ruentex Group is one of Tsutaya Bookstore’s two franchisees in Taiwan.

Jean Tsang-jiunn (簡滄圳), who has visited many cities around the world, believes Taiwanese deserve a more pleasant reading experience, which he said the bookstore promises to offer, reported CNA.

Tsutaya Bookstore in Kaohsiung (Facebook, Tsutaya Bookstore Taiwan photos)