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Video claims China could invade Taiwan in only 24 hours

Taiwanese netizens question timing of video release

(Warship Knowledge screenshot)

(Warship Knowledge screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — On the same day as President Tsai Ing-wen's (蔡英文) inauguration, Chinese military magazine Warship Knowledge (艦船知識) released a computer simulation video claiming China could take over Taiwan in only 24 hours.

The 11-minute video was posted onto Chinese social media platform Weibo, Liberty Times reported. The film simulates an attack on Taiwan divided into three stages: forced isolation, sea and air strikes, and landing operations.

The goal of the first stage would be to stop the United States and other countries from coming to Taiwan's aid. The second stage of the invasion would be to eliminate Taiwan's command, early warning, air defense, and coastal defense systems. This would then create favorable conditions for landing operations to secure Taiwan's harbors and airports for follow-up troop deployments.

Su Tzu-yun (蘇紫雲), a researcher at Taiwan Strategy Research Association, told PTS News that the video was overly optimistic. He said it made Taiwan's army look like it was made up of plastic soldiers and that its defenses were made out of paper.

Defense Ministry Spokesperson Shih Shun-wen (史順文) said that the Chinese Communist Party has never given up its ambition to take over Taiwan by force, PTS News reported. He added that Taiwan's military has the confidence and strength to protect the country and ensure its security.