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Taiwan’s StarLux Airlines to resume flights to Macau and Penang in June

Da Nang not on the schedule yet due to it only being a tourism destination

StarLux Airlines plans to resume flights in June 

StarLux Airlines plans to resume flights in June  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s youngest airline, StarLux Airlines, which started operating as the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) emerged, will resume its flights to Macau on June 1 and to Malaysia on June 11, with booking starting on Friday (May 15).

StarLux launched its first flights on Jan. 23, hoping to attract a high-spending clientele to travel to destinations in Southeast Asia, and later Japan and the United States. However, the coronavirus pandemic put a dent in its plans, leading to the gradual cancellations of all its flights beginning in March.

Tuesday, Friday and Sunday flights to and from Macau will resume on June 1, with Thursday flights to the Malaysian west coast destination of Penang starting up again from June 11, the Liberty Times reported. At present, there are no plans to resume flights to Da Nang in Vietnam during the month of June.

According to a spokesman, the airline realized that international tourism would be slow to pick up, but as the pandemic slowed down, there might still be a need for officials and business people to travel. As Da Nang was purely a tourist destination, for the time being it would not be included.

As a social distancing measure, the maximum number of passengers per flight would be reduced to 127 from 188, while the crew would be wearing masks, gloves, glasses and protective clothing throughout the flight.

Due to its high cost, free wifi would no longer be available on board, though food, drinks, duty-free goods, newspapers and magazines would still be supplied, the StarLux spokesman said.