Italian media interviews Taiwanese envoy on coronavirus response, presents Taiwan as foil to China

Taiwan’s distrust of Chinese information led to success in limiting coronavirus: Taiwanese ambassador

Taiwanese envoy to Italy Lee Sing-ying. 

Taiwanese envoy to Italy Lee Sing-ying.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Italian state-run TV station Rai 3 on Monday (May 11) aired an interview with the Taiwanese envoy to Italy and presented the island nation as a foil to China, which has been widely criticized for its delayed response to the coronavirus pandemic.

On the news program "Report," Taiwan's ambassador to Italy, Lee Sing-ying (李新穎), told Rai 3 that Taiwan has had a close but complicated relationship with China for over 70 years. He stressed that the Taiwanese government has a clear understanding of how the Chinese government operates and knows full well that its information cannot be trusted.

Lee pointed out that Taiwan's understanding of Beijing has contributed immensely to the island country's success in pandemic prevention. He said the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) decided to implement strict border controls immediately after Beijing's claim that its coronavirus outbreak was not serious even as research at the time suggested otherwise, reported CNA.

In a separate interview with Italian online newspaper Le Formiche, Lee explained what Taiwan had done to stem the spread of the coronavirus and emphasized the country's capability to provide assistance to the global community. He also urged the Italian government and European Union to side with Taiwan and speak out against China's efforts to isolate it.