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Ex-firefighter saves boy's life on Taiwanese highway

CPR training proves crucial in saving life of boy flung from car

Huang Xun-yi

Huang Xun-yi (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A former firefighter administered CPR to a boy who was thrown from a car during an accident on Saturday (May 9), later saying she was oblivious to the danger of oncoming traffic at the time and acted as if the boy were her own child, CNA reported on Tuesday (May 13).

Chiayi County Fire Bureau employee Huang Xun-yi (黃薰儀) was a firefighter before she applied for an office position in order to take better care of her young children. Even so, she still keeps her firefighter spirit alive; every time she encounters an accident, she attempts to assist.

Huang and her children were northbound in a friend's car on Saturday when they saw two cars roll in front of them, scattering their contents across the highway. "It's hard to believe — it was like a scene from the movies playing out right before my eyes,” she said.

Then she saw a boy, his face covered in blood, lying motionless in the middle of the road.

Huang got out of her vehicle immediately and ran to check on him. The boy's mother and grandmother were also at the scene.

Huang did her best to calm the boy's mother, informing her that she was a firefighter. She then began to perform CPR.

After pressing down on the boy's chest several times, he began to breathe again, his heartbeat came back, and he was able to roll himself over. He began to cry loudly, putting his mother and grandmother at ease.

However, when the boy lifted his head and tried to get up, Huang asked the mother to keep him still while they waited for an ambulance.

Huang said she kept reminding herself to make the most of the "three golden minutes," minimizing the time the boy was not breathing in order to help him avoid permanent damage.

She recalled that when she got out of the car to rescue the boy, she forgot about the danger of getting hit by a car from behind.

Her only hope now is that he recovers soon, she said.

Ex-firefighter saves boy's life on Taiwanese highway
Huang Xun-yi shows scratches on her knees caused by kneeling down to administer CPR to the injured boy in the car accident. (CNA photo)