Taiwanese woman startled by crab emerging from toilet

Family members tried to catch adventurous crustacean, but it beat fast retreat back to lavatory

(Provided by夏曼.彌飛浪)

(Provided by夏曼.彌飛浪) (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taiwanese woman surnamed Luo (羅) had a big scare at home when she went to the toilet and saw a crab popping out of it, CNA reported on Sunday (May 10).

Luo, who lives on Orchid Island (蘭嶼) off the coast of Taitung County, said that when she was sitting on the toilet, she heard some jarring noises and lowered her head to take a look. What she saw made her scream: "Was it a tarantula?" she said was her first thought.

Later, she learned that other members of her family had seen the crab emerging from the toilet. They had tried to catch it, but the wily crustacean proved hard to trap.

Luo said that she was curious about how the animal had crawled into the toilet, indicating she was sympathetic to the hardships it surely endured on its way to visit her. She later decided to post a photo of it on social media.

"Often when I was sitting on the toilet, I would wonder if a snake might come out," one netizen commented.

An Orchid Island resident surnamed Hsieh (謝) said that the crab probably hid in the toilet to escape from the"Crab Festival," which is held locally every April.

Luo's own theory is that the crab probably got stuck in the septic tank; however, a source at the county's public works department said that usually septic tanks are tightly sealed.

Other local water closets may be less secure, as toilets in Taitung City mostly connect with the sewers, which provides ample opportunity for animals to crawl into the pipeline and surface in unexpected places.