Families of Taipei KTV fire victims refuse compensation from Cashbox Partyworld

Taipei KTV chain offers NT$2 million to family of each victim, apologizes again for fatal accident

Cashbox Partyworld seeks to take responsibility for KTV fire. 

Cashbox Partyworld seeks to take responsibility for KTV fire.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — In an attempt to take responsibility for the April 26 fire that took five lives at a Taipei KTV parlor, the Taiwanese karaoke chain Cashbox Partyworld has agreed to pay NT$2 million (US$66,791) in compensation to the victims' families, three of which have turned down the offer.

During a press interview Thursday (May 7), Cashbox Chief Executive Officer Lien Fu-tsai (連福財) said the company has offered compensation to the five families of the fire victims as previously promised. However, he said three families have refused payment for fear the compensation might affect the amount in fire insurance claims they should receive later.

Lien stressed that it would take a while for the insurance claims to be processed and that hopefully the compensation would ease some financial burden in the meantime. He emphasized that Cashbox would in no way attempt to outrun its responsibility, so the families should not worry.

While apologizing for the deadly fire once again, Lien pointed out that Cashbox has paid each individual who was injured during the incident NT$100,000 (US$3338) in compensation and will also provide additional payments in the coming weeks.

In regards to Cashbox Chairman Lien Tai-sheng's (練台生) lack of a public appearance after the fire, Lien said that the chairman has visited the families of the deceased and will make a public apology once the fire investigation results are released. He also urged the Taiwanese public to give Cashbox a second chance and forgive the company for its major blunders, reported CNA.

Executives from Cashbox Partyworld offer apologies for fatal fire. (CNA photo)