US clothing brand confronted by Chinese netizen over Hong Kong’s 'country' label

UNIF refers to Taiwan and Hong Kong as countries while questioning Chinese netizen’s access to Instagram

UNIF confronted by Chinese netizen over interpretation of Hong Kong's status. (UNIF photo)

UNIF confronted by Chinese netizen over interpretation of Hong Kong's status. (UNIF photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Popular U.S. clothing brand UNIF has clashed with a Chinese netizen over Hong Kong's independent status after it referred to the special administrative region as a country on its shopping app.

A Chinese internet user recently shared her confrontation with UNIF on Weibo, pointing out that she had noticed Hong Kong being listed as a country on UNIF's official app while she was online shopping. She said she was upset by the label and decided to reach out to the company's official Instagram account.

The woman demanded that UNIF change Hong Kong's label to "region," emphasizing that the city is not a country. The company's social media team then replied, "To us it is! Taiwan too," adding a smiley face. It also emphasized that UNIF does not follow "what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) thinks how the world should think" and proceeded to question the netizen's motive behind "wanting to deny freedoms to the people of Hong Kong."

The team pointed out that since Instagram is banned in China, the Chinese woman should not have been using it if she was really loyal to the CCP. It also urged the netizen to spend more time "fighting for freedom instead of oppression."

Seeing UNIF's response, the woman claimed that she merely pointed out something she deemed as common sense. She then asked other Weibo users to boycott the clothing brand while bashing the American company for its "poor-quality" products, reported New Talk.

According to its website, UNIF was founded in L.A. by designers Eric Espinoza and Christine Lai in 2010. Many international celebrities have praised the company and the outfits it produces, including Korean pop stars Jennie Kim and Lalisa Manoban as well as English model Cara Delevingne.

Hong Kong seen as country on UNIF's shopping app (Weibo photo)

(Weibo photo)

(Weibo photo)