President Tsai called ‘leader’ by KMT city councilor on CCTV broadcast

Wang Hung-wei criticized Tsai Ying-wen and Taiwan’s US policy on recent show in China

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Screenshot Facebook Brother Caramel

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) KMT Culture and Communications Deputy Chairperson and Taipei City Councilor Wang Hung-wei joined a CCTV broadcast about cross-strait relations on May 2 to criticize President Tsai Ying-wen and Taiwan relations with America.

While on the show, Wang referred to Tsai as “leader,” rather than “president,” and also used the Chinese translation of President “Trump,” instead of the Taiwanese translation, Liberty Times reported.

Wang said that the US views Taiwan as a chess piece to be used amid souring US-China relations. She also believes the United States only sells weapons to Taiwan for its own benefit, according to Liberty Times.

She went on to criticize President Tsai and her dealings with the United States. Wang said the US was very fortunate to encounter such an unprecedented “leader” like Tsai, who is so obedient to Americans. CCTV went one step further and altered the Mandarin subtitles to say “Taiwan regional leader.”

After the video made the rounds over social media, Taiwanese netizens flooded Wang’s Facebook page with comments. Netizens criticized her use of the word “leader” in reference to Tsai, as well as her use of the Chinese translation of “Trump.” According to the Liberty Times, Wang has yet to respond to the comments.

The video was also posted to Chinese social media platform Weibo. Surprisingly, some Chinese netizens criticized Wang for being on the show. Some questioned her for being pro-independence, while another pointed out her Chinese accent.

Updated : 2021-03-03 22:59 GMT+08:00