Photo of the Day: 'People's Republic of Coronavirus'

Canadian from same city as Bruce Aylward creates Xinnie the Pooh coronavirus banner

(Eric Tepper illustration)

(Eric Tepper illustration)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Canadian artist created this illustration of China's flag featuring Winnie the Pooh and four Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) particles to protest the communist country's disastrous management of the crisis.

As the toll of the coronavirus pandemic climbs to 3,647,026 cases and 251,828 deaths, a 24-year-old Geology major from Newfoundland, Canada, created this illustration titled "People's Republic of Coronavirus" on Monday (May 4). The artist, who goes by the pseudonym Eric Tepper, told Taiwan News that he created the illustration in response to China's "horrible handling of the virus and institutional lack of transparency," causing what should have been a minor outbreak to turn into an international pandemic.

Tepper said that he feels Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping (習近平) is personally responsible, which is why Winnie the Pooh forms the largest star that's distributing the virus. The artist said that although he lives on the other side of the world, the disaster has caused his friends to be laid off from their jobs and locals to be killed.

He said that the pandemic has inflicted much hardship on his girlfriend who is a nurse as well as for her hospital. Tepper confided that he hated the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) before the coronavirus crisis, as they are "not only committing genocide against their own minorities and trying to overthrow Hong Kong, but they've also messed with my country and my province on a more local level, as they've been buying up property in my country and oil rights in my struggling province."

The Newfoundland native lamented that fellow Canadian and World Health Organization (WHO) official Bruce Aylward made statements backing China's propaganda and that he is from his "very small and obscure city." He said that it was unfortunate that Aylward was the city of St. John's only representative in this situation, "so it annoyed me to no end to see him backing China up on this."

Tepper said the breaking point for him was when news came out about the lab in Wuhan having carried out testing on bats. "I believe with time and proper investigation we will discover that the virus originated in this lab," asserted Tepper.

Since the coronavirus outbreak began, China has continued to cover up the number of cases, censor academic research on the source of the outbreak, and attempt to shift blame by floating conspiracy theories. Many netizens across the globe have started to create memes mocking Xi as a giant coronavirus or changing the country's national flag to feature particles of the virus.

Official flag of communist China. (Wikimedia Commons)

(Eric Tepper illustration)