Earthquake destroys urns in E. Taiwan cemetery

Ashes of 12 people scattered across columbarium in Taitung cemetery

Earthquake destroys urns in E. Taiwan cemetery

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A magnitude 5.9 earthquake that shook eastern Taiwan on Sunday failed to harm the living, but the same cannot be said for the deceased.

The tremor dislodged a number of urns at a cemetery in Taiwan's eastern county of Taitung, causing them to smash on the floor, scattering the remains of a dozen people, CNA reported on Monday (May 4).

The earthquake, which registered as a magnitude 4 on the intensity scale, caused a total of 12 urns on two floors of a columbarium in Chenggong Township's No. 9 cemetery to tumble.

The township office will arrange for family members impacted by the fiasco to identify the urn shards and help them recover as much of their loved ones' remains as possible.

Facebook users posted photos of the broken urns and scattered ash, leading one person to muse: "Shouldn't [the niches] be locked regularly after the yearly period of worship has ended?"

Updated : 2021-01-27 03:03 GMT+08:00