This video shows how Taiwan is beating the coronavirus

7 factors: vigilance, masks, experience, talent, speed, transparency, and affordable healthcare


(Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A coronavirus pandemic was announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, 2020, but the number of confirmed cases worldwide had shot up to more than 3 million just one and a half months later.

As of May 1, we are in unprecedented terrain, with five countries having reported more than 10,000 deaths and the number of confirmed global deaths passing 230,000.

Despite being just 130 kilometers from China, where the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) first broke out, Taiwan has thus far managed to control the pandemic. As of May 1, Taiwan had gone 19 consecutive days without seeing a new local case.

People say, "Taiwan is well prepared, and now it's paying off."

But why? And how?

Check out a video, produced by Taiwan News, for the quick answers.