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Taiwan doctor lists four scenarios for world to return to normal

Taiwan cannot guarantee total safety as long as pandemic in other countries exists: Health expert

Coronavirus pandemic forcing lifestyle change for Taiwanese. 

Coronavirus pandemic forcing lifestyle change for Taiwanese.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic stretches on, Taiwanese pediatrician and online commentator Chen Mu-jung (陳木榮) has listed four possible scenarios that need to take place for Taiwan and the world to return to normal.

Although Taiwan has not recorded a single case of local transmission for 12 straight days, Chen took to his Facebook page to warn the public that now is not the time to relax. He exclaimed that Taiwan cannot guarantee 100 percent of its safety unless the spread of coronavirus in other countries has ceased as well.

Chen stressed that there are four scenarios that could lower the impact of the coronavirus to minimal and that at least one of them needs to happen in order for the global population to resume their normal life.

Chen said the first scenario is that the coronavirus vanishes from humans altogether, similar to how the SARS virus disappeared in 2004. However, he said most health professionals have regarded this presumption as wishful thinking and emphasized the danger of being too optimistic.

Chen pointed out that the second and third scenarios hypothesize either a "specific antiviral treatment" or a "vaccine" being developed, which is what medical teams worldwide are currently working toward. He said national lockdowns will remain inevitable unless governments can ensure the safety of their citizens in public places, adding that the development of a coronavirus vaccine could take longer than a year.

As for the fourth and final scenario, the Taiwanese doctor said that the world would be safe if the entire population contracted the infectious disease and developed antibodies to it. However, he said this would only work if the antibodies have been proven to thwart coronavirus reinfection, reported Storm Media.

Chen urged the Taiwanese to stay alert and continue washing their hands diligently. He emphasized that "a small fire can burn down an entire forest" and that the Taiwanese should not be too naïve in assuming their safety until the pandemic is officially declared over, reported Liberty Times.

Taiwan doctor lists four scenarios for world to return to normal
Taiwanese pediatrician Chen Mu-jung. (Facebook photo)