YouTube restores deleted video of Taiwan’s indigenous children dancing in traditional garb

Island residents protest against YouTube, saying, 'Is it very difficult to respect cultural differences?'

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(顏子矞YouTube photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — YouTube has restored a video of Taiwanese indigenous children dancing in traditional thongs, after deleting it on the grounds that its content was a breach of the terms and conditions stipulated by the video sharing site.

CNA reported on Tuesday (April 21) that the video posted by Yan Zi-yu (顏子矞), a teacher at the Yayu Elementary School in Lanyu Township off the coast of Taitung, had been taken down by YouTube, which left Yan astonished and baffled and sparked protests from island residents.

Yan received a message from YouTube on April 16, which said that the site had deleted the video after receiving complaints, the report said.

The teacher said, “I guess they deemed the scantily dressed children to be a violation of social norms,” filing a complaint of his own to YouTube.

Yan added that the video shows the children dancing in traditional dress and that its purpose is to promote Taiwan's indigenous culture to those for whom it is unfamiliar.

Upon learning of the video's deletion, island residents expressed their anger and protested to YouTube, saying, “Is it very difficult to respect cultural differences?” Subsequently, they asked YouTube to restore the video.

Since then, it has apparently been restored.

(顏子矞 YouTube video)