Measures taken to ensure safe visits to Gaomei Wetland in C. Taiwan

City enforcing crowd control to limit simultaneous boardwalk visitors to 900

Gaomei Wetland 

Gaomei Wetland  (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taichung City Government has put in place measures to ensure that visits to the Gaomei Wetland (高美濕地) are safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gaomei Wetland, which boasts “the most beautiful sunsets in Taiwan,” has emerged as a popular attraction in recent years, drawing about 1.6 million visitors every year, according to a news release on Taichung Travel Net.

The city is enforcing crowd control measures at the boardwalk so that the number of simultaneous visitors does not exceed 900. In addition, those entering the Gaomei Wetland Visitor Center must undergo a temperature check and wear a mask.

Taichung Tourism and Travel Bureau Director Lin Hsiao-chi (林筱淇) said that the wetland has an area of 700 hectares, and the uniquely designed boardwalk, wind turbines, and picturesque sunset have all won wide acclaim. The city encourages the public to visit the scenic destination for a bit of fresh, the director added.

The wetland is located on the south side of the Dajia River estuary in Qingshui District and is serviced by convenient public transportation. It is accessible by several city buses (111, 178, 179, 309, 665, and 688) as well as by foot and iBike.

Visitors to the wetland can also enjoy other outdoor attractions along the coastal sightseeing corridor, including the Wuqi Fishing Port, Wuqi Old Street, Turtle Shell Park, and Daan Beach Park.
(Taichung City Government photo)