Taiwanese film director sentenced to 4 years in prison

Doze Niu found guilty of sexually assaulting female crew member

Taiwanese film director Doze Niu ( 鈕承澤)

Taiwanese film director Doze Niu ( 鈕承澤) (CNA photo)

The verdict of famed Taiwanese film director Doze Niu’s (鈕承澤) court case was made public on the morning of Monday (April 13). Niu had been charged by prosecutors with rape and stood accused of sexually assaulting a female colleague.

According to CNA, the Taipei district court found Niu guilty and sentenced him to 4 years prison time on Monday. Niu’s lawyer said that the director will appeal the case.

The film director was accused of assaulting a female crew member two years ago in November, following a meeting at his home. The Taipei Prosecutor ’s Office found Niu’s DNA on the victim’s chest and fresh injuries to her lower body at that time.

Last February, he was indicted for rape. In addition, the prosecutor’s office suggested that he be punished for his failure to take responsibility for his actions.

Niu pleaded not guilty during the trial, stressing that there was no intent to commit any crime. His lawyer asserted that he has already reached a settlement with the victim and asked the judge to declare a suspended sentence.