Vietnamese migrant worker found dead at Chiayi garment factory

The man was pulled from machine after it malfunctioned, no footage of accident on surveillance cameras

Clothing machinery

Clothing machinery (Wikimedia Commons photo)

The body of a migrant worker from Vietnam was found at a garment factory in Chiayi County, local law enforcement said Thursday. According to Chiayi police, the worker's body was discovered when a cloth rolling machine at the factory malfunctioned Wednesday night.

Although the man was pulled from the machine by other factory workers and rushed to hospital, he was pronounced dead as a result of traumatic shock Thursday morning. Chiayi police said the man suffered severe contusions and crush injuries to his face and body.

Despite there being a surveillance camera near the machine, it failed to capture footage of what happened, the police said. Inspectors were sent to investigate the case Thursday morning after receiving a report from plant management the previous night, the county labor department said.

Chiayi County authorities have contacted the Vietnamese man's labor broker in Taiwan in a bid to help his family come to the country to deal with related funeral matters as soon as possible, as well as help them apply for condolence money from the Ministry of Labor, the county's social affairs department said. However, Chiayi County's head prosecutor Tsai Ying-chun (蔡英俊) said the man's broker in Vietnam has been out of touch due to the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Meanwhile, an Irish national was found dead in a vegetable garden in Taipei's Xinyi District Wednesday, local prosecutors said Thursday. According to Taipei police, the man was found lying on the ground with no vital signs when police rushed to the site following a tipoff Wednesday.

After the body was examined, local prosecutors said they have tentatively ruled out the possibility of murder in the absence of evidence pointing to foul play. A police investigation found that the Irish national entered Taiwan from Vietnam March 17 and initially stayed at a hotel in Wanhua District.

Taipei police are continuing to investigate the cause of death and seeking to contact the man's family.

Updated : 2021-03-03 22:43 GMT+08:00