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Taipei discloses criteria for quarantine hotels

Strict standards must be met before hotels become authorized isolation facilities

Hotel in Taipei offering discounts for families of quarantined people (Taipei City Government photo)

Hotel in Taipei offering discounts for families of quarantined people (Taipei City Government photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — With the number of people subject to isolation rising as the coronavirus continues to spread, Taipei is calling on more hospitality businesses to sign up to become authorized quarantine hotels.

Hotels boasting individual buildings and willing to reveal their names to the public will be prioritized when the authorities review applications, according to the Department of Information and Tourism. The agency disclosed a set of criteria Wednesday (April 8) for would-be accommodation providers.

The capital of Taiwan rolled out the quarantine hotel service in mid-February, with the first one beginning operation on Feb. 21. Taipei currently has 10 such venues, offering around 820 rooms.

Businesses looking to join the program are required to obtain agreement from their staffers prior to applying and must provide information regarding room availability, relevant construction details, and whether they would consent to having their names published through an online questionnaire.

They must submit an operation plan laying out details on disinfection and waste disposal as well as employee training before receiving approval from the authorities. To encourage people to make use of the service, individuals who stay in designated hotels during the 14-day quarantine will receive up to NT$2,500 (US$83) in daily subsidy from the Taipei City Government.

More than 70 hotels have also joined the ranks of those offering incentives for relatives of people subject to isolation in Taipei so as to reduce transmission risk within families.

Taipei has recorded 107 out of the 376 confirmed cases in Taiwan as of Tuesday (April 7). The country added three new cases on Wednesday (April 8), bringing the total to 379.