Facebook inaugurates COVID-19 Information Center website

The site includes updated Wuhan coronavirus information and health management recommendations

(Facebook photo)

(Facebook photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Facebook announced on Monday (April 6) the inauguration of the COVID-19 Information Center (新冠病毒資訊中心) website, which will provide users with information from trusted health organizations as well as data about health management and recommendations to support family and friends.

Facebook said that the site contains the most updated Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) information and has guidelines from national and global health organizations in 23 languages, according to CNA. The information center will also include the latest statistics from Taiwan's Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the report said.

Facebook added that information provided by the website also includes effective measures to prevent the spread of the disease, actions to take when feeling ill, and tips on how to keep in contact with other people when quarantined at home.