Novel program to boost Taiwan artist income amidst coronavirus to run til May

UK-based 'Artist Support Pledge,' which relies on mutual support, picks up steam in Taiwan

Artist Support Pledge Taiwan kicked off March 30 (Facebook)

Artist Support Pledge Taiwan kicked off March 30 (Facebook)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The mutual aid project titled "Artist Support Pledge," founded by UK artist Matthew Burrows, which aims to help artists get through the coronavirus epidemic, has attracted nearly 2,000 artists' participation in Taiwan and will run through May 31.

Taiwan picked up on the concept and has kicked off its own version, "Artist Support Pledge Taiwan," which is run by artist Wang Chien-yang (王建揚).

According to Burrows' studio website, many artists have found themselves without work and most exhibitions have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, Burrows has been promoting this simple concept, which encourages artists to sell their works for no more than GBP£200 (US$246) on social media, and whoever reaches GBP£1000 of sales has to collect another other artists' work.

"Artist Support Pledge" (Matthew Burrows photo)

Meanwhile, Taiwanese artist Wang shared Burrows' idea with a friend, who then suggested he promote a similar one in Taiwan. Wang took his friend's advice and unveiled his Taiwanese version on March 30; in order to participate, artists should use the hashtag #artistsupportpledgetw to make their work easily seen.

According to Wang, the price of the Taiwanese artists' works should be no more than NT$6,800 (US$224), and when someone reaches NT$20,000 in sales, they have to buy at least one artwork. Many artists are participating and already beginning to make sales.

Wang stated that in just one day, the project attracted nearly 2,000 Taiwanese artists' participation. Pieces by renowned artists, such as Mr.Ogay, Lu Ying-chang (呂英菖), and Cola King have already sold out.

"Artist Support Pledge Taiwan" will run until May 31. More information can be found on Facebook.

"Artist Support Pledge Taiwan" (Official Facebook page photo)