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Taiwan professor uses kung fu to strike student

NCCU student assaulted during insurance law class, Wing Chun boxing fan professor suspended

NCCU professor assaults student during lecture. (PTT photo)

NCCU professor assaults student during lecture. (PTT photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A professor from National Chengchi University (NCCU), surnamed Chang (張), has been suspended after allegedly attacking one of his students following a debate about Wing Chun boxing (詠春拳).

According to UDN, the confrontation occurred Friday (March 27) during an NCCU insurance law course that Chang teaches. Students present said Chang was displeased by a male student's lighthearted remarks about his beloved Wing Chun boxing and decided to challenge the student to a kung fu match.

Witnesses said the student told the class that, "Wing Chun is only effective on farmers," which Chang did not find funny. Chang urged the student to take the first punch and when he did, Chang subdued him and repeatedly struck him around the head and stomach using his Wing Chun martial arts.

Witnesses said the professor continued to punish the victim and ignored his apologies until other students broke the fight up. Chang was also heard yelling, "Come on, come on" during the alleged attack.

At a media interview Wednesday (April 1), the Ministry of Education (MOE) said Chang had been suspended for his inappropriate behavior and the incident is being investigated. It added the assaulted student has been referred to the school's counseling center for evaluation, according to Liberty Times.

Wing Chun boxing, sometimes known as "beautiful springtime," is a traditional southern Chinese martial arts style that requires quick arm movements and strong legs to defeat opponents. Notable practitioners of Wing Chun include kung fu masters Ip Man and Bruce Lee (李小龍).

Taiwan professor uses kung fu to strike student
Chang's assault caught on camera by student. (PTT photo)

Taiwan professor uses kung fu to strike student
Ip Man (left) known to practice Wing Chun boxing. (Facebook photo)