Photo of the Day: 'Starry Taipei Night'

Taiwanese artist paints van Gogh-inspired Taipei nightscape

"Starry Taipei Night." (IG <a href="" target="_blank">@jacky_oilpaintings</a>)

"Starry Taipei Night." (IG @jacky_oilpaintings)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A 28-year-old Taiwanese engineer painted this whimsical impressionistic scene of Taipei based on Vincent van Gogh's famous masterpiece.

The artist, Jacky Wang, who works as a software engineer, told Taiwan News the work was completed last week while he was quarantined in New York City. Wang said he was inspired by his favorite painting, "The Starry Night," and his favorite view of Taipei from Elephant Mountain.

On Tuesday (March 31), Wang posted a photo of the painting on the social media website Reddit, where it gained 735 upvotes and 18 comments within 14 hours. Many netizens were impressed with the artist's take on Van Gogh's classic painting.

"Maybe a Typhoony night, even."

"Van Gogh goes to Taipei"

"What about his ear?"

"What a beautiful painting, love the Vincent van Gogh style."

Photo of the Day: 'Starry Taipei Night'
"Starry Taipei Night." (IG @jacky_oilpaintings)

Updated : 2021-01-21 03:40 GMT+08:00