Taiwan's former deputy defense minister killed in single-car crash

Retired Taiwan general crashes into traffic island on highway, dies in hospital

Former Deputy Defense Minister Wang Wen-hsieh. (Facebook photo)

Former Deputy Defense Minister Wang Wen-hsieh. (Facebook photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Former Deputy Minister of National Defense Wang Wen-hsieh (王文燮) was killed in a single-car accident on the New Taipei Huanhe Expressaway on Sunday (March 29).

According to the Liberty Times, the 87-year-old Wang struck a traffic island on the highway Sunday morning and fell unconscious as a result of the collision. Despite being rushed to Cardinal Tien Hospital in the New Taipei district of Yonghe, the veteran eventually died after medical staff failed to stabilize his condition.

Wang's family told media that Wang was very healthy for his age and enjoyed driving around northern Taiwan by himself. Based on surveillance footage, police confirmed that Wang died in a single-car crash, and no other vehicles were involved.

Wang was sober when the accident took place, according to the authorities. The real cause of the fatal tragedy has not yet been determined.

Born in 1932, Wang served as Taiwan's 8th army command, army logistics command, as well as deputy minister for the Ministry of National Defense (MND). He was also a victim of the infamous 713 Penghu Incident, in which hundreds of teachers and students on the offshore island were forced to choose between joining the military or execution.

Wang killed in single-car crash March 29. (CNA photo)