Taiwanese man arrested for avoiding military duty

Kaohsiung resident sentenced to five months after staying overseas for 13 years

Obstruction of military service may result in severe punishment. 

Obstruction of military service may result in severe punishment.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taiwanese man, surnamed Jin (金), has been sentenced to five months on Friday (March 27) for attempting to dodge his mandatory military service by staying overseas for 13 years.

According to CNA, Kim was charged for his violation of Taiwanese military laws by the Kaohsiung District Court. Authorities pointed out that Kim had traveled to the U.K. after graduating college at the age of 23 but that he refused to come back until he turned 36, which is the age of exemption from mandatory military service.

The district court said that the National Conscription Agency (NCA) had issued several notices and warnings to Kim but received no response. It said the prosecutors had had no choice but to list the Kaohsiung native as a wanted suspect and await his return.

When Kim finally arrived in Taiwan in January, he was arrested immediately at the Kaohsiung International Airport. He claimed that he was returning to fulfill his military obligations and that there was a misunderstanding between him and the NCA.

Based on the Punishment Act for Violation to Military System, Kim was given a five-month sentence that may be commuted to fines. However, the ruling is not final, and Kim can still appeal the conviction, reported the Liberty Times.