Legislation protecting food delivery workers takes effect in Taipei

Taiwanese capital moved fast to enact law safeguarding rights of food delivery workers

(Facebook, foodpanda photo)

(Facebook, foodpanda photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — An ordinance ensuring the rights of food delivery service workers comes to effect Friday (March 27) in Taipei, the first city in Taiwan to implement such rules.

Comprising 16 articles, the regulation encompasses occupational safety, food safety, transportation safety, traffic safety, and consumer rights issues. Food delivery workers must have accident insurance and be allowed to cease delivery services when the government announces the suspension of work should a natural disaster, such as a typhoon, occur.

Employers must notify the authorities in the event of an occupational hazard, implement food safety measures, provide new workers with training, explicitly disclose the price of food items, and put in place refund mechanisms, according to the ordinance.

The Department of Labor said businesses will be held accountable if they continue operations when a typhoon strikes. If delivery personnel lose their lives under such circumstances, employers will be fined between NT$20,000 (US$662) and NT$100,000.

The ordinance was enacted in the wake of a series of food delivery-related traffic accidents during the Double Ten Day holiday last October, reported CNA. Taipei, which boasts the most delivery service workers on the island, has been proactive in addressing the issue, with the draft legislation passing its third reading at Taipei City Council in January.