Photo of the Day: 'Memory' of old Taiwanese homes

Painter conjures a 'memory' of Taiwanese homes from bygone era

Old Taiwanese homes. (Ruby Wang painting)

Old Taiwanese homes. (Ruby Wang painting)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Taiwanese artist working in the U.S. painted this nostalgic scene of old homes in Taiwan on Jan. 29.

The painter, Ruby Wang (@rubywangart), a 28-year-old Taiwanese concept artist who lives in Dallas, Texas, told Taiwan News the painting is not of an actual street in Taiwan. She said that it is more of an "impression" of the time and memories of her parents.

Wang, who was born in New Taipei City, said that she returned to Taiwan in December to carry out research on old Taiwanese houses for a personal project. She said she found it interesting because Taiwanese houses are influenced by many different cultures.

"You can see our history in these interesting designs," said Wang. However, she lamented that many such homes are falling victim to the wrecking ball.

As these homes are rapidly vanishing from Taiwan's neighborhoods, she decided to paint them in the form of a "memory," with the hope that "the history will last a little longer." Wang said she also greatly enjoyed interviewing her father about his childhood as part of her research project.


(Ruby Wang painting)