Taiwan relaxes hospitalization rules

Taiwan arrivals who exhibit mild flu symptoms may quarantine at home rather than hospital

Taiwan relaxes hospitalization rules

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Given that hospitals are packed with people exhibiting mild flu symptoms after returning home from abroad, the government has decided to relax the rules and allow those with mild symptoms to quarantine at home instead of hospital.

All inbound passengers exhibiting symptoms of Wuhan virus (COVID-19) such as a fever and cough have been listed as suspected cases and were previously required to stay in isolation wards. They would typically leave only after testing negative for the coronavirus twice.

The whole procedure usually takes three days and is said to have strained hospitals and medical workers. To ease the burden, Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced its new policy on Saturday (March 21).

This means that inbound passengers exhibiting mild symptoms will not be required to stay in a hospital isolation ward after being tested for the virus and receiving a doctor's assessment. They may instead return home to undergo home quarantine.

The government is once again advising the public to avoid unnecessary overseas travel and encouraging individuals returning from abroad to carry out a 14-day home quarantine. Those on home quarantine must report to the health authorities and visit the hospital for a medical examination if symptoms such as a fever and cough develop.

From today (March 21) suspected cases do not have to be quarantined in hospital if doctors give a green light and they are not living with elderly people or those with chronic heart and pulmonary diseases. Only people who have tested positive or whose symptoms are getting worse will be called on to hospitalize for another round of tests.

Updated : 2021-01-21 14:20 GMT+08:00