Burning incense a thing of the past at Taipei's Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple president says being sincere of heart, doing good deeds more important than burning incense


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The incense-filled air of Taipei's Longshan Temple is a thing of the past after Friday (March 13), when the temple officially banned burning incense sticks.

All worshipers who visited the temple on Friday abided by the new rules, and no one brought incense sticks, CNA reported. The only incense stick still burning that day was a thick one placed in the incense furnace in front of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy.

According to temple management, visitors were informed about the new rule ahead of time by notices posted around the temple.

Longshan Temple president Huang Shu-wei (黃書瑋) said that the temple has seen fewer visitors recently due to fears over the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. Noting that burning incense is not good for the environment, Huang went on to say that being sincere of heart and doing good deeds are more important than physical objects such as incense and ghost money.

The 281-year-old temple had already banned candles in May last year to improve the air quality around the temple and prevent fires.

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