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Taiwan one of safest countries during coronavirus pandemic

Netizens show their appreciation for Taiwan government’s coronavirus prevention measures

Many Taiwanese are proud of the country's anti-virus measures. (Tourism Bureau photo)

Many Taiwanese are proud of the country's anti-virus measures. (Tourism Bureau photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Chung Shan Medical University Hospital Pediatric Emergency Department Director Hsieh Tsung-hsueh (謝宗學) on Friday (March 13) posted on Facebook about how glad he was to be Taiwanese, calling the country one of the safest in the world.

Referring to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as "World War III," Hsieh pointed out the outbreak has severely damaged international health systems as well as social structures, noting that even the U.S. and European countries are taking a hit.

The Taiwanese doctor said that he had previously labeled Taiwan as the safest country in Asia but that based on the current distribution of infections, it "might" be the safest country worldwide. He believes that as long as Taiwanese continue to wash their hands and pay attention to their personal hygiene, the country will be able to survive the virus threat.

Hsieh said the pandemic has helped him realize how fortunate he is to live in Taiwan without the high anxiety citizens of other countries are experiencing. He said the government has made great efforts to contain the virus and that he is grateful to be protected by such a strong medical system.

Hsieh stressed that Taiwan's epidemic control is not a product of chance but rather a result of the unity of the entire nation. He urged the public to remain alert for the coronavirus and put aside any minor differences that might disturb the country's preventive efforts against the outbreak, reported ETtoday.

Since it was published, the post has been widely shared by netizens in the country, according to Liberty Times, with many echoing Hsieh's viewpoints and expressing their pride in their country:

"My heart is bursting with gratitude."

"With everyone's effort, let's make Taiwan even better."

"Biggest thank you to frontline medical workers. I cannot imagine being elsewhere at the moment."

Approximately 130 kilometers from the coast of China, the main island of Taiwan has shown substantial resistance to the coronavirus. As of Friday afternoon, Taiwan had only 50 confirmed cases of COVID-19, much lower than many experts predicted, according to CNA.