Taiwan artist fills in the blanks at Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Wang Hsiang-lin's solo exhibition explores loneliness and emptiness of contemporary communication

Wang Hsiang-lin's solo show is at TFAM. (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)

Wang Hsiang-lin's solo show is at TFAM. (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan-based artist Wang Hsiang-lin's (王湘靈) solo exhibition titled, “Take Me Somewhere Nice,” gets underway tomorrow (March 7) at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM).

As the winner of the Taipei Arts Awards 2015, Wang’s series of photographs titled "Metamorphosis" (質變) explore the loneliness of society, according to TFAM. The current exhibition continues to pursue this theme.

“Take Me Somewhere Nice," a series of projected photographs. (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)

TFAM states in the press release that “Take Me Somewhere Nice” originates in Wang’s odd childhood memory and connects to her adult life experiences. Additionally, it can be seen as a form of connection between dream and reality.

“At the age of 6, I went on a trip with my parents to a seashore. I piled up sand on the beach as my parents rested on a bench behind me. About 15 minutes later, I turned back, and my parents, the benches, and everything else had disappeared,” said Wang.

Wang said she has other strange memories that have no reference, as if they are some parallel imagination. She calls them “fissures,” and they are constantly replaced by technology and culture.

A room full of blank images. (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)

In one of the exhibition rooms, full of blank images, Wang elaborately combines the visuals with djembe music. She calls it an "ironic reflection of reading.”

We receive tons of information every day, she says, but do we really read it all? Hence, the empty images present the idea of empty information and the djembe music (a traditional tool for sending messages) is in juxtaposition.

Having earned a master's degree in music at The City University of New York, Wang said when she use to perform or practice, images naturally came to mind. Therefore, the exhibition is not merely a photography show, she pointed out.

“Take Me Somewhere Nice” takes place Saturday (March 7) until May 24, in galleries E and F at TFAM. For more information, visit the official website or Facebook page.

Large-scale projection work. (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)

(Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)

Show information (Taiwan News, Lyla Liu photo)