Kaohsiung police tracing identity of dead baby in gruesome case

(OpenStreetMap photo)

(OpenStreetMap photo)

Authorities are still trying to trace the identity of a dead baby whose severed head was found dumped at a renovation site at Shuanghu Forest Park two days ago, Kaohsiung police said Friday.

The city's Sanmin precinct said police have been going door-to-door at local hospitals in search of possible clues to the identity of the baby's mother, but to no avail so far.

The infant's body has yet to be found, but an initial autopsy of the head suggested that the baby was only a few days old, based on the roughly 10-centimeter diameter of the victim's skull, the precinct said.

It did not rule out the possibility that the baby was not born in a hospital.

The severed head was found Wednesday by workers at the park, which used to be the location of the city's Fudingjin Public Cemetery. Police who arrived at the scene said the head was found bloodstained and stuffed in a large cloth sack.

Pieces of fractured bones were also found around the perimeter of the find, but so far it has yet to be determined whether or not they were the remains of the baby, investigators said Thursday, noting that samples have been taken for DNA testing.

It was also not immediately known whether the abandoned infant was a boy or girl, they said.