Kapok flowers in full bloom in SW Taiwan countryside

Linchupi Kapok Road is at its seasonal peak, with many hundreds of trees forming a red canopy

(Baihe District Office photo)

(Baihe District Office photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Kapok flowers are in full bloom along a country road in Tainan City’s Baihe District (白河), and the flamboyant flowers will last approximately 12 more days, according to a news release published on the Baihe District Office website on Monday (March 2).

The kapok flowers along Linchupi Kapok Road (林初埤木棉花道) were particularly well-formed and exquisite during the 228 Peace Memorial holiday thanks to the warm weather, according to the district office. The flowers attracted over 90,000 visitors during the three-day holiday.

Linchupi Kapok Road is nearly a kilometer long, with trees receding in parallel rows to form a blooming red canopy. Kapoks, also known as red silk-cottons, are deciduous trees with buds that blossom into five-petal arrangements of bright red.

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(Tainan City Government video)

(Baihe District Office photos)