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Pleasant weather forecast across Taiwan for 228 holiday

Temperatures will rise to 25 degrees across island, central and southern Taiwan expected to reach 30 degrees

(Tainan City Government photo)

(Tainan City Government photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Comfortable warm weather is forecast for Taiwan for the three-day 228 Peace Memorial holiday from Friday (Feb. 28) to Sunday, with sunny skies expected for the western side of the island and sporadic showers along the eastern side.

Starting Friday, the intensity of the northeastern monsoon will decrease, resulting in comfortable, warm weather and decreased rainfall for all of Taiwan, CNA reported on Thursday. Sporadic rains are anticipated only in eastern Taiwan and mountainous areas in the north, with the rest of the island expected to see sunny or cloudy skies.

Temperatures will reach 25 degrees Celsius across the island, with temperatures in central and southern Taiwan expected to rise to 30 degrees, the forecast said.

After the holiday, the northeastern monsoon will once again strengthen from Monday to Wednesday (March 2-4), bringing down temperatures for northern Taiwan and increasing the chance of rain in the east as well as windswept mountainous areas in the north.