‘Floating crosswalk’ on outlying Taiwanese island a new Instagrammable spot

Artists say simple technique yields desirable effect when seen through camera lens

Pavement art in Kinmen

Pavement art in Kinmen (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A “floating" pedestrian crossing in Kinmen County, an outlying island of Taiwan, has emerged as a new Instagrammable spot.

Located on a river embankment in Jinhu Township's Zhongzheng Park, the crosswalk was created by Taiwanese artists Liao Chun-chieh (廖駿杰) and Chen Shi-yi (陳詩薏). The artwork employs blocks in black, grey, and white to deliver a 3D piano key-like appearance, wrote CNA.

While the optical illusion is less obvious to the naked eye, the crosswalk vividly floats in photographs, making it popular among residents, who have rushed to take pictures with it, according to the report.

The pair of artists have designed more than 30 3D landscapes across Taiwan. Describing the zebra stripes as simple but eye-catching, they invite people to be part of the art and promise satisfying effects both in broad daylight and at night.

Liao reassured those concerned about the art’s effect on road safety, saying the art is rendered 3D only when seen through a lens. The artists plan to create more 3D landscapes in the township as part of an initiative to drive local tourism.

Pavement art in Kinmen. (CNA photos)