Fine weather forecast for Taiwan to Tuesday

Temperatures will continue to rise and expected to reach up to 30 degrees C in western Taiwan


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau (CWB) has forecast a three-day period of cloudy to sunny weather starting from Sunday (Feb. 23), according to CNA.

The bureau said that cloudy to sunny skies are forecast for Sunday in most areas of Taiwan, except Keelung, the North Coast, and eastern side of Greater Taipei, where occasional short rains are expected, according to the report. Temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius are expected on the west side of Taiwan before the northeasterly monsoon kicks in, to bring rains and lower temperatures of about 24 C on Wednesday (Feb. 26),

With the wind direction gradually shifting to easterly on Sunday afternoon, sporadic rains are expected in eastern Taiwan and temperatures across the main island will increase, the forecast said. Temperatures will continue to rise on Monday and Tuesday and are expected to reach highs of 27 to 30 C along the western side of Taiwan on Tuesday, CWB said.

However, a northeasterly monsoon will begin to increase on Wednesday, lowering temperatures to 24 C, according to the forecast. The monsoon is forecast to weaken on Friday, when cloudy to sunny skies return.

National Central University adjunct associate professor of atmospheric sciences, Daniel Wu (吳德榮), said that from Monday to Wednesday night, most of the country will see sunny skies, with only eastern Taiwan likely to see sporadic rains. However, Wu warned of a diurnal temperature variation during this period, when high temperatures in the day and low temperatures in the morning and at night are likely to occur on the same day.