‘Can't Stop This Party’ becomes Taiwan's 365th political party

New political group formed by Taiwanese YouTubers officially recognized by Ministry of Interior

Chiu Wei-chieh (center) interviewed by media. (Facebook photo)

Chiu Wei-chieh (center) interviewed by media. (Facebook photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The establishment of the "Can't Stop This Party" (歡樂無法黨) was approved by the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) Wednesday (Feb. 19), making the newly formed group Taiwan's 365th political party.

The Can't Stop This Party was first introduced last November by independent Taiwanese legislator and former YouTube personality Chiu Wei-chieh (邱威傑) along with YouTuber Sha Sha 77 (志祺七七) and online reporter Chen Tzu-Chien (陳子見). In a Facebook post, the founders announced the party's official beginning and promised to continue to bring joy and laughter to Taiwanese politics.

The post also pointed out that the Can't Stop This Party will become Taiwan's 365th political party and the 15th to have at least one member in the legislature, as Chiu is now representing it. Upon reading the Facebook announcement, many netizens could not contain their excitement and expressed a desire to join the party, according to New Talk.

The party's founders admitted that they had decided to sit out the Jan. 11 legislative elections because there had not been enough time to prepare. They said the party members have yet to discuss the upcoming 2022 local elections but are open to collaborating with other parties to instill peace and positive emotions in the hearts of every Taiwanese.