Photo of the Day: Winnie the Pooh shadow spotted behind Xi

Taiwan's FTV News posts image of Xi Jinping with silhouette of Winnie the Pooh

(FTV News screenshot from PTT)

(FTV News screenshot from PTT)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — An image showing the distinct outline of Winnie the Pooh behind Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping (習近平) surfaced on Taiwan TV news on Friday (Feb. 14), giving Taiwanese a good laugh at the portly dictator's expense.

On Friday, pro-green Taiwan TV station FTV posted a news report on Xi replacing the Wuhan leadership, in an effort to assign blame and restore the tarnished image of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as the coronavirus outbreak rages on. Behind an image of an unusually pensive-looking Xi, the silhouette of Pooh appears, including his telltale round rears.

Taiwanese netizens soon got the joke and quickly shared screenshots of the broadcast on the popular online forum PTT and Facebook. Taiwanese netizens got a big kick out of the ghostly Pooh image behind Xi:

"I'm dying of laughter."

"FTV is really mischievous."

"Now even FTV has become so creative."

Western netizens on Reddit also enjoyed the lampooning of the fat autocrat:

"Taiwan needs to bombard the mainland with satire and shatter the CCP's glass hearts."

"Hahaha omg. The shade. Hahaha. Can't help but laugh out loud. Wtf hahahahah."

"Oh no, FTV has hurt the feelings of Winnie."

FTV confirmed that the design was an intentional jab at Xi's nickname in Taiwan, reported Liberty Times. The designer said that the background image of Pooh was intentionally placed to get some laughs from viewers.

Displaying images or wording that compares Xi to Pooh is an act of defiance for people in Taiwan, as all images and even films about the cuddly bear are strictly banned in China. The rotund Xi has been compared to the chubby Pooh, and such comparisons in the communist country are strictly forbidden.