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Taiwan to roll out online health report system for visitors

System yet another high-technology feat Taiwan has delivered since start of coronavirus outbreak

Facebook/Ministry of Health and Welfare video screenshot

Facebook/Ministry of Health and Welfare video screenshot

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan is set to introduce a digital platform for filing health statements, as part of its border screening measures due to the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) threat.

Individuals can take advantage of a facilitated customs clearance by filling out the required information about their health using the system, said Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC). The service can be accessed by users who have a mobile phone number provided by Taiwan’s telecom carriers.

The system's QR code is scanned, after which the individual enters their health information, receives an SMS upon arrival, and presents proof via their cellphones. This will allow them expedited entry.

Ratcheted up border controls since the outbreak started has put a strain on Taiwan’s health and immigration personnel. The digitization of health statement filing, along with an online tracking system for those subject to self-quarantine, offers solutions and demonstrates the island country’s tech prowess.

In addition to the two latest systems, the health crisis has put tech-savvy Taiwan on the world map in other ways. The country’s government officials worked with programmers to create the ID-based mask rationing system in just 72 hours, TechNews reported, while various open-data based apps about surgical mask availability have sprung up in Taiwan.