Filipino 1st local typhoid case in Taiwan this year

Philippine man in Kaohsiung is first local case of typhoid in Taiwan this year

Salmonella bacteria (red). (NIAID flickr image)

Salmonella bacteria (red). (NIAID flickr image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on Friday (Feb. 14), announced the first locally-acquired case of typhoid this year, in Taiwan's Kaohsiung City.

The patient was identified as a Philippine male who was diagnosed with the disease on Monday (Feb. 10), according to a statement released on its website. The man, who is in his 30s and lives in Kaohsiung, began to experience a fever, headache, bloody stool, and other symptoms on Jan. 21.

As his symptoms continued, he visited a hospital on Jan. 31, where he received medication. Over the next several days, his condition failed to improve and he was hospitalized on Feb. 6.

On Monday, he tested positive for typhoid bacillus. After receiving the appropriate treatment, his condition improved and he has since been discharged from the hospital.

None of the people who had been in close contact with him while he had the illness have shown signs of the disease thus far. The CDC is continuing to investigate his diet history and people he had been in contact with to isolate the cause of the infection.

Since the man had not traveled abroad during the disease's incubation period, the doctors believe that he contracted the disease locally. According to CDC epidemic statistics, there have now been two confirmed cases of typhoid fever in Taiwan this year, including an imported case from Indonesia.

There were 21 confirmed cases last year, 17 of which were imported, including: seven from Indonesia, two from India, two from the Philippines, two from Cambodia, one from Myanmar, one from Malaysia, one from Pakistan, and one from Communist China